1.In Accordance with Chapter 293 of the laws of 1889 of the State of New York:

"No person shall be eligible to membership in the Old Guard of the city of New York, who shall not have been a member of the Light Guard or City Guard of the city of New York, the National Guard of this State or any State in the Union, for the period of five years or honorably discharged therefrom, or an ex-officer or ex-member of the regular army, navy or volunteer service of the United States."

The interpretation of this statute is that the Marine Corps is a component of the Navy and the Air Force is (was) a component of the Army, and the reserves are a volunteer service of the United States.

2. Not less than 21 years of age.

3. Any person eligible for membership whose permanent place of residence is within 100 air miles of Columbus Circle in the City of New York who makes application for membership shall, if found qualified in accord with the constitution and if elected will be a Resident Member, and as such will be required to acquire the Ceremonial Uniform of the Old Guard less Shako within one year of election. This will require the approximate cost of $500.00. The list of the Ceremonial uniform will be provided to applicants by the membership committee during the interview stage of membership.

4. All new members enter the Old Guard with the rank of Guardsman other than Honoree Members.

5. Must have a current member of the Old Guard propose you and provide you with the application form. You must appear in person for an interview by the membership committee.