Old Guard Ceremonial Uniform



Double-breasted Dress Coat of white broadcloth, ten (10) large Old Guard buttons on
each side.

Collar of sky blue cloth embroidered with small
olive leaves all around upper edge, front of collar rounded, one or
two hooks and eyes at seam, seam of collar edged with scarlet cloth.

Cuffs two and one-half (21/2) inches wide, point of
cuff six and one-half (61/2) inches from bottom of sleeve, of sky
blue cloth same as collar. Edged with scarlet cloth, one (1) row of
one-forth (1/4) inch gold lace (vellum) one-eighth (1/8) of an inch
below scarlet edge, one row of gold soutache braid one-eighth (1/8)
of an inch below the quarter (1/4) inch lace with four (4) loops of
gold soutache braid, center three-quarter (3/4) inch from the bottom
of cuff, top turn two and one-half (21/2) inches long and
three-quarters (3/4) of an inch wide, three (3) lower turns one-half
(1/2) inch from center, with two (2)small Old Guard buttons at back
seam of sleeve.

Skirt one (1) inch less than half the width of
forepart turned up front and back with sky blue cloth, inside edge of
turn up edged with with scarlet, with a three cornered slash of sky
blue two and one-half (21/2) inches below waist and seven (7) inches
long and three (3) inches wide at points and two and one-half (21/2)
inches at curve, with four (4) loops of seven (7) line gold lace,
cushioned with a large sized Old Guard button at back ends of each
loop, and with a large embroidered shell or grenade on scarlet cloth
at bottom of each skirt. Length of skirt two and one-half (21/2)
inches above bend of knee. Skirt lined with sky blue cloth, body and
sleeves with white farmer’s satin. Edge of coat front and at waist
edged with sky blue cloth.



Sky blue cloth, same as coat trimming, with scarlet strips one and one-half
(11/2) inches wide with one row of seven (7) line gold lace on each
side, placed to show one-forth (1/4) inch of scarlet cloth between.

DRESS CAP (Pill-box)


Dark blue cloth, circular pattern without visor, monogram O.G. in gold
embroidered on red field in front. With Black patent leather strap
for Guardsman, or for officers double gold cords in place of strap.
To be worn on all occasions of ceremony when the white coat is worn.



Bearskin Shako, grenadier style, fifteen (15) inches high inside measure and
thirty-six (36) inches round at top, metallic chin strap attached to
hat by black hook and eye, two (2) gold tassels, four (4) inches from



Army pattern of dark blue cloth, with velvet collar and lined with scarlet cloth,
Black silk neck sling and frogs and two (2) pockets in lining.